Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Random Motorcycle Tidbits

Again the motorcycle show is upon us and again the ladies will be left disappointed, wondering where their representation went this year...aside from the faux Barbie-esque types astride motorcycles to capture the weak eyes of man.  I will endeavor to photograph, post, and comment.  My posts have been enormously lax, lots of things going on I cannot yet discuss.  But, in the interim before the show pops back up, please enjoy Nicole Espinosa's recap of the 2010 show here and catch me at 18:21 talk much ado about nothing and bikes.

About a year ago, my British travel partner through Brazil and Venezuela, Ted Hely, wrote an article for Adventure Bike Rider magazine called "Reign Forest."  I can't reproduce the article in its entirety, but I can tell you it's in Issue 5 in 2011.  I did however snip the most interesting parts just for your viewing pleasure.  It happens to be grand coincidence that these parts include me, nothing more ;)  Honestly though, there's nothing funnier than a Liverpool bike mechanic travelling with a Californian bike noob (me), especially when you reach the part where he calls me a "beach babe."  If you visit the Adventure Bike Rider website, I'm sure you can buy a back edition if you'd like.  My hard copy never materialized from the UK.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Progressive Suspension's High Performance Adventure Suspension - Don't leave home without it!

Following the install of the PS 465 Series Shock on my F650GS, I made my first trip in dirt in the Cleveland National Forest a couple months back.  I'll post where the print ads will be as they appear in the next couple months...but check out their Facebook page for my smiling mug and read about the fancy pants shock they installed on my bike.  Definitely a smoother ride for me with the updated shock and fork springs, considering my weight barely registered on the stock setup.  Ride More turned out to be more like Eat More until Progressive set me up.