Saturday, June 16, 2012

I'm back!!

...and blue'r than ever!  It took me a year of longing to ride a motorcycle and lusting after pretty much everything, but in March I finally negotiated my way back into my first love's life....I bought the boss' BMW. Even though I've had it for a couple months, the title was a bit messy at first and I didn't ride it much until that was squared away. Last month, I loaned the bike to Progressive Suspension where it was bedazzled with new suspension and springs. My first visit over there to the La Palma shop consisted of begging Dave to help me with my overly bumpy ride.  I may be able to do basic maintenance, but I'm totally lost on comprehending suspension, pre-loading, and wah wah wah. The F650GS is a great great great ride but it's not really catered to women in the weight category.  My 130 pounds doesn't cut it with the spring's range, which is probably closer to 160 pounds.  My options were a new spring with a lower rider weight range or 30 pounds of Twinkies...deep-fried for extra weight gain.  Turns out I needed neither and simply good friends in all places.  I just got her back last week and need to clean/lube the chain, change the oil/filter, and change the rear brake fluid.  Come next weekend, I'll be ready to hit pavement again.  Next stop, better gear and boxes.

Oh, and the itch is coming back...

In my spare time, check out my other hobby which I could wax on for hours on end as well: gardening.  Why waste my time with flowers when I can plant something that will give ME! It's all about eating. I'll keep it to a minimum since I'm probably the only one out there with these two extremely opposite hobbies, but....I'm weird.  I'll celebrate it when necessary.