Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's been awhile....

Let's just say it's been a rough six months and the situation is not destined to improve anytime soon. That said, I sold the 2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 500, went bike-less for a couple months, bought myself a 1971 Honda CB500, couldn't afford to attend OX11, and just when the getting was good and my hands reeked of gasoline and carb cleaner, my own economic meltdown hits. I had to offload my second bike this year. So the two-wheeled adventures aren't really shaping up in 2011, but I've got some time left to end on a win-win. We'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, you'll just have to read some musings from me, provided I keep up with the program.

Motorcycling friend Nicole (aka Nicomama on ADV forums) was nice enough to pull together a snapshot of our December enjoyment of the travelling international motorcycle show. I pulled her in to help the ladies !represent! in our little corner of the Long Beach convention center. Read her ADV thread of the show here. And don't forget to scroll down to the video. I'm interviewed about my crazy travels toward the end.


  1. I hate to read this Cristi. I am in the reverse situation, with my KTM 525 dual sport conversion nearing it's completion, I have been hampered by medical problems, a little bit of surgery then when I thought I was almost ready to ride, my RA has hit me pretty hard again. I'm patiently waiting for my day ... it's coming. Hang in there, you will be back on two wheels soon!

  2. I'm squaring away a little each month, hoping to make another offer on my friend's F650. I've decided that the only way to fill the void is to fill it with what I really want...not an inexpensive version of it, or just any two wheels =) Hang in there Tharr...hope you feel better soon!

  3. Hi Cristi,
    Love your blog, you describe your experiences with obvious joy at the people, places and experiences you have encountered. I am sorry to read that you have to put a hold on your adventures for financial reasons, you are in the right place to remedy that situation. Being from Ireland I have had to postpone planned trips because of the financial squeeze, and the cost of getting off this darned island. I envy you people that live on continents...lucky bikers heh heh. I am what they term a "born again biker" of some 11 years plus. Bought my first bike off a traffic cop back in '99' and haven't looked back since. I love the freedom motorcycles give you. May I ask, what got you into motorcycling?

  4. I guess I've always had an interest (hated the girl on back of bike thing), but I grew up very sheltered and not allowed to do such "dangerous" things. I finally remedied that when I turned 30; I wished I hadn't waited that long.

    Ray Bradbury and Kobi Yamada have said similar phrases that I liken to my travelling methods - sometimes you just have to leap, and build your wings on the way down.

  5. Hi Cristi,
    Sorry I have not been back sooner, I am going through a bit of a life change myself. You are probably aware that the Irish economy has all but collapsed leaving manufacturing and construction in tatters. As a result I have been unemployed the past 18 months but I am now studying web technologies in college, essentially re-training myself for a new start (at 52). That is why I am looking at blogs and websites with more interest. Drop into my blog and give me your opinion, it's about 2 months old. I am eager to get more followers to revitalise the conversation.

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