Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Journey Begins...

I started my little midlife crisis in September 2007, the year of the thirtieth birthday. In fact, I celebrated it down in Ecuador, wondering if I was really going through with this...Overall, I spent about seven or eight months in South America, making my way from Quito, Ecuador through Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia and back to Quito. I couldn't have done it without the help of Glen Heggstad for his recommendation of Ricardo Rocco. Ricardo helped me secure the bike and even though I spoke decent Spanish, helped me through the dizzying legal aspects of purchasing a motorcycle in a foreign country. In all fairness, I admit my trip was "interrupted" in Buenos Aires by work and a wedding in December 2007, but I returned to Buenos Aires in March 2008 and finished by May 2008. I would have loved to spend more time in each country, and less on the road, but everyone has their own restraints to consider, be it time, personal, work or financial. I wouldn't trade off any part of it, and believe that in the long term, I have become a better, stronger person after the year and a half I spent travelling (eight months of solo backpacking in Europe preceded the motorcycle trip). Yeah, yeah...cliche.

This little ditty -er, viddy- was composed by Rob. It holds the last remaining views of what my former website looked like. Enjoy!

As far as the posts by country, you might be wondering where these went after I reposted them four years ago.  I am working on a book, so I have taken down the content during this process.  The book is more for me, to finally complete the circle that I began so long ago.  How time flies and how we continually get lost in the moments.  Find me over at Moterrific or on Instagram where I post about my more recent wanderings, experiences, talk about motorcycling, and cover/photograph motorcycling events.

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